“Fabulous class! This was exactly what I expected and more. Your professionalism is commendable and I truly enjoyed your style of instruction. The step by step and hands on approach is really the only way to learn our trade and your delivery of the material was awesome. You were open-minded to our questions and had positive truthful answers. The group size was perfect as well. It was really nice to connect with some guys and I found it comforting to know that we have all encountered similar “sticky’ situations and now I have more knowledge of how to handle those oddities. I also appreciate knowing that some times doing things the old fashioned way is just as good as using the fancy equipment. I have more confidence in myself and my abilities”
-Carl, NY

“I really enjoyed the class. Without getting in there and trying some of these things hands on, I would have never had the confidence to try them. I think the class works really well as a compliment to the IICRC class for stone and tile…this class was perfect. Jasen and the other people we met from Modern Stone were great and you covered a lot of pertinent information.”
-Todd, AZ

“You couldn’t have picked a better instructor for natural stone training. Jasen listens to everybody’s questions and answers them fully, then shows you exactly how to do it HANDS ON. I can tell you right now I feel like I know more than most of the guys doing this who haven’t trained with Jasen and Modern Stone. Even if you’ve been doing this a few years, please, for the consumers…take a refresher course with Jasen and I promise your business and clients will benefit drastically from it. Confidence is what this class gave me and confidence is exactly why the customers choose me, because they know I know without a doubt and that’s what they want. Thanks Jasen!”

“I was especially pleased with the patience of all the instructors. No question was too dumb and all of my questions were answered. I was totally satisfied and would absolutely recommend your training program to anyone! Thank you for a wonderful experience!”
-Ciprian, CA

“Completely satisfied…You really taught us how to do a job from start to finish and covered the most common problems we might encounter. Also, what we might want to avoid just starting out. You were never in a rush and made sure we covered everything. Thank you! I would absolutely recommend the training program to others getting started in the industry.”
-Previous class attendee

“Exceeded my wildest expectations! Jasen was able to pass on a wealth of practicable knowledge. Likewise, he has a keen method to ensure you remember the material. Everything was truly done well, was extremely informative and far exceeded the previous two stone classes I’ve attended! Keep up the excellent work!!”
-Previous class attendee