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Stone Training Instructors

Your stone training comes directly from professional contractors with years of experience in the stone tile and grout industry...

Each member draws upon their personal histories, their individual successes and failures, to make your learning experience about more than just the floor. Together, they represent a source of knowledge like none other in hard surface flooring industry. Below is a list of who you’ll be meeting and learning from.

Ken Sherman, President and Founder, This Old Grout & StoneKen Sherman

Mr. Sherman began his young career with no intention of having anything to do with the stone and tile industry. With an Aeronautical Degree in his back pocket, Ken was planning to fly planes. The industry began downsizing dramatically, and Ken was forced to look at alternatives in order to make a living.

Upon seeing the untapped opportunity in the market, Mr. Sherman started a grout cleaning and sealing business. His business quickly took off, and in a short period of time, Ken was running two crews every day. The business later grew to include natural stone restoration services as well. A few years later, Ken began manufacturing the innovative products necessary to seal grout.

“I tried to keep my perspective as a contractor when This Old Grout became a manufacturer. I think doing so helped us to understand what the customer needed.”

Ken remembers that his first stone training class scared him enough not to attempt restoring stone. “I actually turned down a 3,000 square foot limestone job because I realized that I paid for a training that didn’t prepare me for the real world.”

Ken set out to give his customers the honest and straightforward knowledge and training in order to be successful. His determination has resulted in offering anyone who is interested a level of training never before offered at The Stone House.

Jasen Santiago, Chief Trainer of The Stone House, This Old Grout & Stone Technical Support ManagerJasen Santiago

Jasen brings a great deal of knowledge from his history in the Carpet and Tile Industry. He successfully started up a carpet and tile restoration and maintenance business, working with truck mount systems, managing employees and scheduling work in both the commercial and residential sectors.

This Old Grout & Stone has greatly benefited from Mr. Santiago became a part of the company. His professionalism and detailed instructional training in the This Old Grout processes has given hundreds of contractors the confidence to grow profitable tile and grout restoration businesses.

Jasen has always taught with the belief that expensive results don’t have to come from expensive equipment.

Bruce Perkins, Trainer of the Stone HouseBruce Perkins

Owner of All About Grout & Stone

Mr. Perkins brings a fresh and exciting perspective to the Stone and Tile industry. His years of experience running a successful and profitable company in the stone and tile industry will be of great value to every student. Bruce built his own business “one client at a time” by instilling within his employees and customers his deep belief in respect, honesty and professionalism. He lives by the motto of “Sell it right the first time” which usually sets him apart from his competition. Often, Mr. Perkins is called in to correct the work of other contractors who lack the experience or ethics to complete the job correctly.

In this course, you will also learn about two of Bruce’s most invigorating subjects;
"Breaking the contractor mentality" & "Smoking cigarettes with hundred dollar bills"

Bruce hopes that every student will leave our class with a clear and useful understanding of hard floor restoration, and a commitment to honesty and professionalism.

Nelson Keimer, National Sales Manager, This Old Grout & StoneNelson Keimer

Mr. Keimer brings a broad range of experience that has helped shape where This Old Grout is today. Nelson has successfully blended his construction, chemical and sales background to give This Old Grout’s customers the technical and marketing insights necessary to succeed in their business. Nelson will enlighten This Old Grout’s students on the nature of stone and the chemistry engineered to protect it.

“There is a great deal of clarity needed within the stone industry. The contractor deserves an unbiased presentation of the facts concerning sealing and maintaining natural stone. We continually strive help our customers understand the science of chemistry combined with the chemistry of stone.”