This in-depth, two day, natural stone and tile course has been create by experienced professionals to teach the real skills necessary to become successful in the field of natural stone, tile and grout.


You will learn the most advanced techniques of restoration and polishing available today. Every aspect of the job will be taught to prepare you for the moment you enter a real customer’s home. From bidding, site identification, preparation, restoration and finishing – you will be confident to take on most any stone, tile or grout job with the knowledge you receive.

Course Overview

  • Equipment review, diamonds and other abrasives
  • Marble floor polish – grinding up to high polish
  • Travertine floor honing and polishing
  • resin and cementatious fill
  • scratch removal and blending
  • Wall and counter polishing
  • Grout repair
  • Tile and grout cleaning, clear sealing, color sealing
  • Natural Stone identification
  • Natural Stone cleaning and sealing methods
  • Bidding, marketing discussions
  • Stone identification
  • And much more

“Over the years, we’ve all receive the same training from various companies – standing around in a group watching one individual move a floor machine on an open floor. None of that prepares you for a real career in stone and tile restoration.  The contractor needs hands-on training, so they are not experimenting for the first time in a customer’s home – and that is what I will teach them.”, notes Jasen Santiago, Chief Trainer of The Stone and Tile Institute.

There is no other course that will provide you with the total level of information needed to be successful in the natural stone, tile and grout restoration industry than the Stone and Tile Technical Institute.